the testing process

Needs Analysis:

Before implementing individual fitness training plans, FittHPC performance specialists conduct sport specific needs analysis tests to identify the most appropriate program for each athlete.
Different sports require different biomechanical and physiological capabilities.
From the sports specific needs analysis testing, our performance specialists are provided with a baseline of evidence-based information, on which to build an individual program.

Field testing:

HPC coaches will start by conducting field tests, which assess the different components of fitness, specific to the athlete’s sport.
We ensure that baseline testing is administered before an athlete begins any strength and conditioning program. Fitness testing is carried out by FittHPC trained professionals.
Each athletes is given a personal high performance training plan.

Analysis & Evaluation:

The baseline tests are analysed by the FittHPC team and then communicated to the athlete. This allows for individual goal setting and provides the athlete with clear motivation; outlining achievable steps required for big gains in performance.
Our FittHPC coaches test at the beginning and end of each training phases to assess progress and make appropriate program alterations where needed.