FittHPC coaches work with our members to help them attain their personal goals. Sports specific and tailor made programs encourage and develop individuals so that they can see and feel the difference. Don't take our word for it. Here are testimonials from some of our members.

Amir Abedzadeh

goal keeper iran football league

Fitness is the biggest investment in my sporting career, and one of the best decisions I made is training at Fitt High Performance Centre because I am always serious about increasing all aspects of my fitness and making myself a better player.

Chris Assimacopoulos

ultimate athletics dubai & al Ahli sports club 200 meters sprinter

I have been doing rehab with FittHPC for my hamstring injury. I have built my hamstring and all around strength and endurance fitness. I am now training again and getting ready for next season. I feel great and back in the game.



Sports specific training for paddle Boarding at FittHPC is improving my overall fitness and helping me reach my peak. Following fitness testing, FittHPC has tailor made a program designed to improve my strength and conditioning. I’d like to thank my sponsors Naish Kite and SUP UAE for giving me the opportunity to train at FittHPC.

John Wilkie

2015 UAE U18 100m champion

Training with FittHPC has increased my power, strength and ultimately speed as an athlete. It was one of the major factors which allowed me to achieve my goal last year of breaking 11 seconds for a 100m sprint (10.91). I would highly recommend FittHPC to any athlete looking for sport specific training, it has been fantastic for me.

MIRNA dickinson


Since training with FittHPC coaches, I’ve been exceedingly grateful with how quickly I have excelled and improved my fitness. As a gymnast, the exercises we work cross over with gymnastics. The coaches are always encouraging, lively and knowledgeable. Since I started training, I not only feel more powerful, but I am also feeling the benefits in my balance and flexibility.

adil amin

uae 800m & 3000m youth champion

I have been a middle distance runner for a year and a half now. I am aspiring to hit the big league, and I’m always looking for the opportunity to improve my running skills, but I always seem to lag behind when it comes to training and a diet.
However, FittHPC has given me the power and commitment to achieve goals I never imagined I could have reached. With FittDanil calling the shots on my training, I can safely say that I have moved to the next level of running. As of now, I’m focusing on competing in two distances for running, 800m and 3000m. Trainings are tough, killers really, but honest to God every bit of it has a positive effect to your fitness. I’m running a 2:04 for 800m and 9:45 for 3000m. I owe most of my success to supporters, family, clubs and trainers that push me past the limit. FittHPC plays a big part in my training and diet now, and people will be turning heads this season.

DAVID dickinson


I have been training with FittDanil for 2 and a half years and it has really improved my physicality and also my mentality to push harder. As a sprinter doing different exercises with the coaches at FittHPC has made me the fastest 100m runner in my year and winning the FAB 5 Athletics twice in a row against seven schools in the UAE. As also the coaches are very knowledgeable with the different sports and know what exercise that suit their needs. Ever since I started training at FittHPC I feel stronger, faster and better than ever before.

liam crystal

uae go karter
fitthpc sponsored athlete

After completing last season in 1st place in the Dubai Rotax Max Challenge, & 2nd in the UAE Rotax Max Championship, I have taken my training to the next level. FittHPC has not only increased my core strength & physical fitness that my sport demands, but has also improved my mental fitness using the Neuro Tracker. On track testing, physical fitness & cognitive training makes me a more well rounded driver.

kiera wiseman

aspiring swimmer

I learnt to swim in the UK at the age four and joined my first swimming club at the age of six. I aspire to be a professional swimmer and am always look at ways of improving my strength, conditioning and flexibility for my swim events. Given I train 4 times a week in the pool, in recent competitions I seem to have plateaued and not performed to a standard I expect. I feel that I lack explosive power for my starts and tumble turns and always seem to fade in the last 25m of the race. FittHPC is giving me the power and endurance to achieve my goals. The Coaches safely teach me the correct techniques for strength and conditioning whilst pushing me to my physical limits. This is benefiting me in the pool by giving me a faster arm turnover, better body position in the water, more powerful leg kick and quicker starts and turn. I have only been with the Coaches for 3 weeks and I have already knocked 3 seconds off my 100m freestyle (Short Course) time. I am now looking forward to working with the Coaches through the winter to help improve my times for the coming season. FittHPC now plays a big part in my weekly training and I always look forward to my training sessions with the Coaches. Even in such a short period of time I can see improvements in all aspects of my fitness.

Harry James Bryant

aspiring young triathlete

I have been training with FITTHPC for a number of years and I have seen dramatic improvement in my performance, increasing both power and endurance. I can also thank FITTHPC for improving my confidence as an athlete within training and competition alike. It was also a major factor for me to reach a number of goals such as competing 1500m event under 5 minutes (4:56) as well as helping me to compete and win in a number so swim galas such as the BSME gala and in a number or biathlons and triathlons.

Jordan Adetiba

Desert Rangers Dubai and Blackburn Rovers FC academy footballer

After working with FittDANIL over the past couple of weeks I really feel as if he has brought me onto another level. Physically and mentally I feel great. I know that more football fitness specific training at FittHPC will help me improve even more.