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Personal trainer, Strength & Conditioning and athletic coach

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FittDANIL is a well-known athlete and sportsman in the UAE, and Managing Director of Fitt High Performance Centre. Danil is a certified youth as well as adult trainer and coach. He has a lot of experience and success in taking athletes to the next level. His athletes are not only some of the most successful in the region but also the next generation of success stories. As a regular competitor in the region’s foremost fitness challenges, FittDANIL is a successful and respected competitor. He is also a sprinter and was the Dubai Puma Faas test fastest. So FittDANIL knows what it takes to get to the next level and to succeed.

Circus Skills & Fitness Trainer

Alice Capitani

Alice Capitani is a former Olympic gymnast and international acrobatic performer from Italy.
Alice is a Level 3 FIG certified coach in Artistic Gymnastics.
She teaches all levels of gymnastics, from recreational to elite, as well as acrobatics for dancers.
Alice started artistic gymnastics when she was 5 years old, training seriously for 8 hours per day, from the age of 9. After being selected for the Italian national team, she took part in many national and international competitions, including the Sydney Olympic Games 2000. In 2008, as a coronation of her career, Alice received the prestigious award of “World Class Gymnast” from the F.I.G. After finishing her competitive career, Alice started working as an acrobatic performer internationally, performing in Europe, South America, Australia and The Middle East.
Alice is a specialist and highly popular circus skills trainer and fitness coach for youth and adults. Alice trains beginners wishing to learn new skills and professionals keen to hone their art.

Strength & Conditioning and youth fitness trainer

dan astudillo

Dan, with his degree in nursing and International Sports Science Association certification in fitness training is very well qualified in all areas of fitness, health and wellness.
He has over four years’ experience in top Dubai fitness facilities as a trainer and gym instructor before joining FittHPC.
Dan specialises in personal and small group training, tailor making programs for youth and adults. Whether it’s first steps to fitness or to enhance athlete performance Dan can take clients to the next level in reaching their goals.