FittHPC Abilities Fitness welcomes people of all abilities to train

FittHPC Abilities Fitness Aims

FittHPC welcomes people with disabilities and seeks to introduce fitness into their everyday life.
We tailor make motivational and fun programs that keeps our clients fully engaged.
Our programs for people with disabilities focus on developing and improving, coordination, balance, strength, endurance and teamwork.
All skills needed for life and further opportunities in work, education and sport.
Our sessions develop skills, improves fitness, promotes confidence and introduces them to a healthier and happier life.
Overcoming obstacles through effort, determination and fun.

Our aim is to assist each individual in exceeding personal fitness goals and perceived expectations, and proving that disabilities do not limit an individual’s ability to excel physically or mentally while fulfilling lifelong fitness.

FittHPC Abilities Fitness Services

*We provide individual assessment and fitness testing.
*Our coaches are qualified and certified personal trainers.
*We design program that suit individual needs.
*FittHPC specializes in small group and personal training.
*We record every progress made and check for improvements.
*FittHPC uses state of the art and modern equipment and training methods.
*We offer a safe, knowledgeable and fun environment.

FittHPC Abilities Fitness welcomes everyone to the world of fitness.